"For years, individuals who wanted to explore unique trails and landscapes were found unable to have a closer relationship with themselves and their surroundings." 
Until now, people have been in a state of isolation and a vulnerable position to safely hike. With Footfinder, users will now be able to save the trails they want to explore and the ones that they think are beautiful, intriguing, and inspiring. You can now create lists to organize trails by upcoming trips, local trails and more. Lonely exercising will be a thing of the past as you share your recordings, write reviews, and upload photos. “Footfinders” can now report issues with trails, and be given notifications about construction and other important information. With a rating system involved, we are able to provide better opportunities with park services on how maintained and organized the park is for followers.
This phase required me to engage with the target audience directly to determine their main issue and pain points. During this phase, it’s crucial to fully research the audience to find out what makes them happy, frustrated, their routines, likes, dislikes, and so on. Essentially, I want to know them inside and out, so that I can begin to empathize with them.
This is the brainstorming phase, where I imagine all the possible ways I could solve the consumer’s issues and needs — until there was a realistic, and human-centered solution envisioned. Tools such as empathy maps and customer journey maps played an essential role in this step. 
 Prototyping and user testing. 
After coming up with the right design, I began to create a prototype and begin to test it on my users. This is crucial to find out if the product actually solves a problem, and if it’s usable. In this phase, feedback was vital and utilized to understand what part of the design requires improvements.
By now, I have fully tested the product, received feedback, and refined the product accordingly. Therefore, it should be ready to be released and marketed to the target audience. In this phase, it’s important to come up with an effective marketing strategy that speaks to the end users. Marketing to the audience from their point of view results in ultimately what we're seeing as I am attempting to solve their problem.

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